Mahjong Wooden Pallet Coaster


We are passionate about creating little things that count…specially handcrafted mini wooden pallet drink coasters by Petite Pallet that makes a fun-tertaining decorative piece to rest drinks upon.

It might be tiny but not made to be subtle. This purposeful coaster doesn’t just protect your table top but also enliven your living room, kitchen, workspace or office table.Ocean-inspired shades bring a touch of tranquillity into homes.

A)Set of Petite Mahjong Coaster (includes 14 mahjong 清一色 tiles)
B)Set of Petite Mahjong Coaster-The Great 3 Dragons: 大三元
C)Set of Petite Mahjong Coaster- The Great 4 Blessings: 大四喜

All of the Engrave will be cursive font