Christmas LAaaaa !☃️ (For Her)❄️


Christmas will soon be upon us, and with that comes the multitude of gifts we all need to buy for parents, partners, siblings, children, friends… The list is endless, right?
Well, now you can XTMAS LAAA! Simply answer some simple question ,  and let us do the hard work for you! We have a platform full of fantastic Artisan , who provide you an awesome handmade & handcraft item for your Mystery Gift Boxes!

1) What’s the best way would you describe the recipient? / 她在你心目中是一个怎样的人? * 

2) Which store would the recipient most likely go into first? / 你觉得Ta会先进入哪一间店? * 

3) During Christmas, the recipient likes to? 圣诞节期间,Ta喜欢做什么? * 

Some Word For Her ? 给她的特别话语 .